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Choose a wish for your loved ones

Buy a crystal for your loved ones and wish them good health, happiness, love, success or power for the new year! For only 10 euros you can send someone a wonderful wish. We’ve also selected some giftsets that you can send to your loved ones, shop them here.

The popularity of crystals continues to grow, and we totally understand why! They’re not only extremely beautiful, but each crystal also has specific powers.

No idea how to use these crystals? It’s best to keep the crystal stone close by for the most effective working. Stick it in your handbag or pockets. Wear it as jewelry or put it on your nightstand as decoration.

Bear in mind that every person is different, so the effect of the stone will also be different from person to person. Some people feel the effect of the stone faster than others. Also keep in mind that crystals are elements of nature, so each one has a unique shape.

Lastly, don’t forget to write a personal message that we can send along with this nice gift! We’ll write it on a postcard, and we’ll send the beautiful wrapped gift to the person for who it is intended.

“I wish you a good health”


Do you want to wish someone a good health for the next year? Rutile quartz stimulates the body’s ability to heal and the cellular recovery. This stone is uplifting and calming. It also promotes sincerity, independence, hope and self-love.


Spinel is called ‘the stone of immortality’ because it is renewing and rejuvenating. The stone gives strength and courage in difficult situations, offers new perspectives and reduces stress, anxiety and depression. The stone also attracts success and prosperity.
“I wish you happiness”


Wish your loved ones happiness by giving them a citrine crystal stone. This stunning stone radiates warmth. It promotes self-confidence, self-respect, energy, joy and courage. Citrine also attracts happiness, prosperity, success and wealth.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye attracts happiness, prosperity and success. It strengthens confidence, courage and perseverance. This stone also makes you feel creative, productive and helps you to concentrate. A good stone to wear during studies, exams and other projects!
“I wish you love”

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz: the most well-known crystal when it comes to love. This stone attracts love, helps you to love and opens you up to receive love. It helps you to love and accept yourself as you are. Rose Quartz brings love, harmony and peace to any room. This beautiful stone also has a calming effect on anger, fear, stress and it promotes mental peace and healing.
“I wish you success"


Do you know anyone that needs some success in their lives? Send them a ruby crystal stone. This stone protects and gives spiritual strength, courage and energy. It attracts motivation, success and prosperity. Ruby also stimulates passion, motivation, enthusiasm, spontaneity and a positive attitude.
“I wish you courage”


We could all use some courage during these times. Send some courage to one of your loved ones with an onyx stone. This beautiful crystal stone helps in stressful situations. It offers support, strength, perseverance and helps you reaching your goals. Onyx is a good crystal for someone who is easily distracted or influenced.


Labradorite reduces stress and anxiety. This beautiful crystal stones helps you to stand in your own strength, reduces anxiety, gives confidence and perseverance. It is a stone that protects your energy field against negative influences from your environment.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is the perfect stone to wear when you’re feeling stressed. The stone helps to relax, let go, accept and provides mental strength. Smoky Quartz also has a beneficial effect on anxiety, nightmares and depression.