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Natural Gemstones

The story of DétaiL is one of authenticity, fair fashion and natural materials. We believe in the power of natural gemstones and their positive impact. ⁠ ⁠

The extraordinary, non transparent natural stones give every piece of jewelry a certain distinctiveness. None of the pieces from our collection look exactly like the other.
Every jewel is unique.⁠


Carnelian is a gemstone that is both grounding and energising. This stone has a motivating and uplifting effect so that your self-confidence improves and you feel stronger.

Aries, Cancer, Leo & Virgo

Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli gemstone promotes your inner peace and is a very spiritual stone for this purpose. This stone will encourage you to be yourself and brings wisdom and enlightenment.

Virgo & Sagittarius

Moss Agate

A grounding and stabilising stone. Moss agate has a nourishing yet gentle energy that brings your body into a balanced state. This allows you to come to yourself.

Taurus & Virgo


Aquamarine causes you to become both honest and persistent. It therefore has a grounding and activating effect so you can live in the moment.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius & Pisces