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Natural Gemstones

The story of DétaiL is one of authenticity, fair fashion and natural materials. We believe in the power of natural gemstones and their positive impact. ⁠ ⁠

The extraordinary, non transparent natural stones give every piece of jewelry a certain distinctiveness. None of the pieces from our collection look exactly like the other.
Every jewel is unique.⁠


Malachite is a beautiful green gemstone that protects you against negativity and danger, and brings you balance. It reduces fear and enhances empathy and understanding. It inspires you to make positive changes in life. 

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Bumble Bee Jaspis

The Bumble Bee Jaspis is a yellow gemstone that makes you cheerful and enthusiastic, and inspires you to be positive in life. It helps you achieve your goals and turn ideas into action. It motivates you to be combative and decisive and helps you to give 100% in life.

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The Sodalite gemstone is a dark blue stone that improves your self confidence, self acceptance and self respect. It helps you to be faithful to yourself and your feelings. Sodalite strengthens rational thinking and objectivity, which makes it easier to break certain fears and self defense mechanisms.

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The pink Rhodochrosite gemstone activates the heart and its passions. It gives you universal love and helps attracting love relationships. The stone has a positive influence on your mood and makes you cheerful, lively, spontaneous, loving, enthusiastic, creative and inventive.

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