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DétaiL Smoky Quartz crystal stone 10203408513 - Courage

DétaiL Smoky Quartz crystal stone 10203408513 - Courage


Crystal Stones
Smoky Quartz

“I wish you courage” – Smoky Quartz

Unfortunately, we can’t see all of our loved ones during the Holidays. This year we’ll have to be creative and send our best wishes through another way.

Do you want to wish someone a little bit of courage? Send them a smoky quartz crystal stone.

Smoky quartz is the perfect stone to wear when you’re feeling stressed. The stone helps to relax, let go, accept and provides mental strength. It also has a beneficial effect on anxiety, nightmares and depression.

We’ll send this beautifully wrapped gift to the person for who it is intended. Don’t forget to write a personal message at checkout so we can send it along with your present.

Please keep in mind that crystals are elements of nature, so each one has a unique shape.