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Never Miss A Call With Our Charm

Détail Collection

Posted on October 21 2020

Never Miss A Call With Our Charm


Casual chic is what we’re going for with this look. An easy-going outfit but made elegant because of our black-colored Charm Telephone Bag. The Charm is very handy if you’re going somewhere and only need your phone. No need for dragging along another heavy bag!

With accessorizing, we went for our Amadora set. The tiny spinel gemstones match perfectly with the black color of the Charm bag. The long earrings are perfect for a round-shaped face. They help elongating your face and bring balance to it.

 Did you know that each gemstone has its own meaning? Spinel helps you achieve things and keep your energy levels high. The gem makes you feel glad to be alive and helps you appreciate the wonderful things in life.



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