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Earthly-Colored Anaconda Look

Détail Collection

Posted on October 21 2020

Earthly-Colored Anaconda Look


Our Hope shoulder bag is a subtle design that doesn’t stand out very much. But because of the anaconda pattern, it does give your outfit a ‘cool’ finishing touch.

This season we’re working with earthly colors. These colors are a perfect fit for everyone and super easy to combine with.

Our Neroli earrings are suitable for every single face shape. It’s a design that you can wear on special occasions, but also in your everyday-looks.

These earrings are, just like our Hope bag, very subtle because of the yellow tourmaline. The sparkly stone at the top of the earring makes sure the pierced ear hole isn’t visible anymore.

 To top off your entire look, you can combine it with our Destiny wallet. This wallet is also detailed with our anaconda pattern. Destiny’s design provides enough space to store in all your essentials!




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