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Quickscan: Should I wear silver or gold jewelry?

What color suits me best: silver or gold? This is a question we often ask ourselves.
One day we feel like we’re glowing and we can take on the whole world. On other days, we feel numb and even make-up or jewelry doesn’t make a difference.
Thank God for color analyses! Because in order to shine, you simple have to discover which color suits you best.

DétaiL stylist Aline gives you a few tips in this Quickscan on how you can see if gold or silver jewelry suits you the best.
Do your Quick Scan now. Watch the video`s below & get to know which color suits you best.

Quick scan intro: cool or warm type

Quick Scan Test 1 : The vein test

Quick Scan Test 2 : The hair color test

Quick Scan Test 3 : The eye color test

Quick Scan Test 4 : The skin color test

Quick Scan Test 5 : Tanning or burning

Cool & Warm types

There are several seasonal types. Do you lean more into spring and fall? Then that’s what we call a warm type. Or do you lean more into summer and winter? Then you are a cool type.
Are you a warm type? Then you look better with colors that have a yellow undertone. Therefore, gold jewelry on your skin tone will look the best on you!
Are you a cool type? Then all colors with a blue undertone suit you best. Silver jewelry on your skin tone will make you shine the most!
Check out your result!

Check Quick Scan Result : Cool Type

Check Quick Scan Result : Warm type

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