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Being beautiful comes naturally.

Ever since Détail founders Bob and Céline lost their heart travelling India they put Indian artisans at the heart of their label. Fair fashion inspired by passionate handwork and unique materials. Always beautifully and honest crafted for you. Heading destination good vibes.
Each and every piece of the Détail collection is handmade by local artisans in our own Indian ateliers. We take pride in our products helping to build a foundation for positive community transformation. Over the years we became one big family. Respecting cultural differences. Nurturing and taking care of younger and older people. Our Belgian-Indian open mindedness is the thing we value the most at Détail. Learning from each other. Indian People get better lives. Belgian people get Fashion for the better. That is why being responsible with a smile is what touches us the most. Make each day count. To create collections that are honest - Indian/Belgian - natural.

Every day you go for a walk or have a special moment with someone. You look like life comes natural and so does your style.

Each time you look in the mirror you can see the person smile who honestly crafted the collection we bring.

When you feel the genuine leather touch your skin you know it is carefully selected with respect for animal and human life. Your fashion doesn´t only look good. It feels good too.

That is why we want to thank you for believing in us.
“Our carefully crafted collections bring genuine Indian colors and handwork towards your destination.”
Culture is way more than just a detail. It took us years to develop our unique natural artisan craftmanship. And believe us when we say it is still not finished. We always start with a moodboard of the best materials and dedicated people (right, like you see in this picture).

We never know upfront what amazing looks will await. Until our team has worked its magic. We patiently take time to play with colors and shapes. Always asking ourselves what would look great on your unique body.

All this handwork results in priceless collections jewellery and handbags. Carefully crafted with natural and sustainable materials. A story of its own.

Also our jewellery is undeniable inspired by nature. It mixes the mystic and energy of gemstones and silver. As you know crystal stones are valued more and more in our modern society.Their colors, shapes and unique energy tell the story of nature, whose beauty can’t be translated into words. But our Belgian design definitely does.
"If it feels natural, and breaths fairness: it deserves to be loved."

Fashion is about looking stylish accessorizing your inner energy. Perfectly translate your personality into being uniquely fashionably.

Each time you collect a piece. With each new Détail you will look stunning in complete balance with who you are.

Our goal is to always be your very personal style spirit guide. With every new fashion collection finding a signature look all over again.

Doing so by understanding human proportions and perfect fashion fits. Because being beautiful comes naturally at DétaiL.

100% personal - 100% natural

Proving to you that there is a lot of fair in fashion. Fair to people, fair to yourself and fair to nature. What comes natural is being valued like a rock in our society.

That’s why in coming years you will see more and more people embracing crystal stones in jewelry for example. How come? Because these precious stones attract good vibes and match your personal energy as well as DNA characteristics. What comes natural to us reflects on how you live your daily life. Enjoying precious moments with priceless people to the fullest. Others will notice and appreciate the inner energy you pass on. Well balanced between you and your personal crystal stone. Which unique stone matches you?….discover here.
Fashion is about making you feel comfortable. Highlighting who you are and what you stand for. DétaiL values your natural unique sense for fairness, beauty and support of Indian artisans. Together we will create a better world. And of course you look priceless more than ever in doing that the Belgian way. Fair enough? We believe in fair fashion. What about you?
Nice to meet you, we’re Détail.