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DétaiL necklace 10203408926 - Silver - Aries/Leo

DétaiL necklace 10203408926 - Silver - Aries/Leo


Crystal Stones

"Birthstone Collection"

It’s finally here – our Birthstone Collection! Each zodiac sign has a birthstone that corresponds best with their nature and personality. And good news, wearing your birthstone is meant to bring luck into your life. Who doesn’t want that?

This silver necklace is made with a Rhodolite Garnet birthstone. Strength, determination and self-confidence: that’s what this crystal stone will give to you! This pretty gemstone gives every Aries enough courage and strength to make a new start, but the stone also suits the powerful personality of a Leo. A perfect match!

Combine this beauty with the matching earrings to attract even more good luck!