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DétaiL Gift set 10203408486 - earring & fortune - gold/tourmaline/amber

DétaiL Gift set 10203408486 - earring & fortune - gold/tourmaline/ambe

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"Giftset Pina earrings and Fortune" - Tourmaline

It’s that time of the year again: everyone’s on the hunt for the perfect Christmas presents. Maybe this giftset is exactly what you’re looking for! 

In this giftset you’ll find our Pina earrings and the amber-colored Fortune made of suede-material and detailed with anacondaprint. The earrings are finished off with tourmaline.

Tourmaline protects against all kinds of negative energy and radiation. The stone helps you to stand in your strength and adopt a relaxed and confident attitude.  

We’ll send this beautiful wrapped gift to the person for who it is intended. Don’t forget to write a personal message at checkout so we can send it along with your present.