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DétaiL Gift set 10203408473 - earring, ketting & armband - gold/onyx

DétaiL Gift set 10203408473 - earring, ketting & armband - gold/onyx

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"Giftset Lidia earrings, Abriana necklace and bracelet" - Onyx & Spinel

Need a little gift inspiration? Take a look at our giftsets!

In this giftset you can find our Lidia earrings, but also our Abriana necklace and bracelet. The earrings are finished off with onyx. The Abriana necklace and bracelet are made with tiny spinel gemstones.

Onyx helps in stressful situations. This beautiful crystal offers support, strength, perseverance and helps you reaching your goals. It is a good crystal for someone who is easily distracted or influenced. 

Spinel is called ‘the stone of immortality’ because it is renewing and rejuvenating. This shiny and black stone gives strength and courage in difficult situations, offers new perspectives and reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It also attracts success and prosperity.

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